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Lover of life hacks and all things productivity, Rebecca gives business owners more hours in the day. She is hyper-creative and helps the entire team discover new ideas to streamline processes and build better back offices by aligning necessary resources to get it done. Rebecca knows that open communication between professionals keeps companies organized and on track. Whether she’s setting up internal programs that allow employees to grow, developing a workflow system, or overseeing recruiting, she aims for exceptional and simple.

Rebecca is nerdy by nature and reads a lot about personal finance and business marketing in her free time. Born and raised in the PNW, she enjoys visiting Cannon Beach and hiking around Mt. Hood with her husband and four children. DIY projects and homemade pizza are life. Rebecca likes organizing and avoids all contact with their pet gecko.

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Our firm specializes in serving the accounting, tax and financial management needs of law firms, independent attorneys, and all types of legal practices. Our experienced team has a deep understanding of...

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Healthcare Professionals

Our firm is committed to helping you achieve financial success within your medical practice. Our skilled professionals have years of experience in...

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Business Startups

For many entrepreneurs who start their own business, it often becomes clear that managing their company’s finances and taxes can be a full-time endeavor in and of itself—not to mention keeping up with...

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Professional Service Providers

We are committed to helping professional service providers build successful enterprises. Our skilled team of financial experts have years of experience in providing accounting, tax and consulting services to professional service firms—including...

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 Business Foundation Services

If you are a new business owner or if you are starting a second business, we can provide the expertise and guidance that we know small businesses need in order build a strong foundation for their future. Our firm can guide you through the process of entity selection, provide valuable ...

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